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January 2021 Doubles Tournament

In total we had 32 teams register for the Doubles Tournament. The tournament had a handicap system to allow non-tennis players the chance to play off fairly against the more experienced players but at the same time allowed for the more experienced players to challenge themselves. We had an awesome diverse background of players on the day from the young to old and experienced to non-experienced which made the tournament a very enjoyable experience.

After round 2 of our matches we had an intermission where we held fun tennis games. This included prisoner which is a common fun game that is made up of 6x people with the objective of eliminating the opposing team. We had 4x teams sign up for this intermission game. Along with this game we ran 2x exhibition matches where our champions Ruby Pierre and Maka Maui took the court to challenge anyone who could win 3 straight points against them. It made for great entertainment.

As a result for our prizegiving we had the following prizes awarded:

Rookie Team of the Day: Teara & Josh

Best Costume: Kiana & Tamatoa

Best Team Name: Tupe & Carlene (Sporty Spice & Scary Spice)

Special Award for Coach: Malcolm Kajer

Special Award for Help: Tayla Beddoes

1st Place Consolation Draw: Charlee & Mele (Metua)

1st Place Main Draw: Andrew & Moana

Tennis Cook Islands would like to thank the following sponsors and supporters:

Vodafone Cook Islands

Avarua Bakery


Toa Gas

Prime Foods

Edgewater Resort

Vaianas 21.3

Turepu Growers Family

Coach Malcolm Kajer

Mals Cardio Tennis Squad

Shookies Cookies


Nana and Family

Numanga and Family

Karika and Family

Love Cafe

Be Fruitful

Tennis Cook Islands Executive Team

And a big meitaki maata to all our players, friends and families.

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