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A Bit About Who We Are

Tennis has been part of the Cook Islands community for over 100 years. It is a sport that has historically been represented well across almost all of the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands. (well at least the ones that are inhabited)

Tennis Cook Islands' goal is to rebuild a strong representation of tennis in the Cook Islands and provide a way for our youth to utilise their sporting achievements to access academic excellence. 

Current Committee


Davina Hosking-Ashford

Member, supporter, and representative of TCI since the age of 9 (we don't need to count how many years ago that is). "I hope that Tennis will once again flourish in all Cook Islands communities and that juniors will be able to access higher education through sporting achievement".

Vice President

Rev. Travel Makara


Jackie Rongo

Tennis has been part of my life since a young age. From skills building lessons, playing interscholastic tennis at high school in Guam, recreational play in University, and beyond. As a Mother, Aunty and colleague of tennis players in the Cook Islands I hope my efforts on this committee will help the positive development of our code for our country.


Nick Ashford

Chartered Accountant and Partner of Withers Tsang, an Auckland based Accounting Practice. Not very good at Tennis, but can supervise a BBQ quite well.

Committee Member

High Performance/International

Kairangi Vano

Guidance, support, direction, and inspiration will drive our Cook Islands youth to succeed on the world stage. 

Representing both Cook Islands and New Zealand both nationally and internationally, Kairangi not only knows what it takes, but also proves that Cook Islanders have the ability and skill to be the best. 

Committee Member

Grassroots Fundraising

Kathy Wearing

Committee Member

Corporate Sponsorship

We Need Your HELP!!

This position is open to someone that appreciates the support businesses provide the community and wants those businesses to benefit from their kindness.  

Committee Member

Youth & Equality/National

Joan Wong

National Coach

Malcolm Kajer

As a Life Member and National Coach, Malcolm has been part of Tennis in the Cook Islands for over 40 years and coaching for at least 30 of those. 

From mowing the lawns, organising tournaments, to travelling and training our youth, Malcolm truly encompasses grassroots Tennis as its best.

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